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Our Classes

Infant Toddler Rooms

Ages  (0-23 mos)


Consists of children ages 0-2 yrs.Teachers in this age group provide a nurturing atmosphere where children feel safe and secure. Students in this group are in a stage of Trust VS. mistrust. What this means is that the experiences received here will influence the way children approach learning as well as their view of the world around them. Children this age are greatly dependent upon their caregiver. With this in mind, loving and caring teachers are present to encourage children to explore their environment while taking a healthy amount of risk; crawling, climbing, pulling up, walking etc. The classrooms are set up to encourage success through developmentally appropriate activities and exercises. Here, they learn to walk, hold feeding utensils, and drink from regular cups as well as finger paint and gain control of their body movements as they are prepared for the toddler room.

2's rooms

Ages Toddler Two's Programs (2 years)


Consists of a classroom of “Terrific” two’s (2 year olds). The children are discovering new skills and they are excited to exert their independence. They enjoy doing as much as they can for themselves. This is often the age where we hear the famous word “no!” a lot. This term is an expression 2 year olds use to say to adults, “I am independent, I can do it myself.” With this understanding, teachers are strategic encouragers. They offer more challenging experiences to promote the “can do” attitude that 2 year olds need to feel confident which motivates them to learn and grow. Students learn through “hands on” activities. Teachers use a lot of language with this age group as well, as their vocabulary is expanding at fast. Students at this stage are involved in more challenging experiences such as feeding themselves, holding painting supplies, using a larger variety of toys, equipment and craft materials as they begin preparation to enter the preschool setting.

Pre-K Classrooms
Ages Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years)


Our preschool classroom is comprised of 3-5 year old students. Their classrooms are filled with high level learning. The rate of knowledge retention and intellectual capacity is phenomenal for these young explorers. Teachers in this setting are highly trained on what is developmental appropriate and what it takes for students this age to enter kindergarten successfully and ready to learn. Children are challenged in every area of learning; socially, emotional, intellectual, physically and creatively. Teachers ask questions that cause students to stop and think. By the time they reach kindergarten, they are able to pose their own questions to solve real life situations. Children in this age group still enjoy play and high energy activities. With this knowledge, teachers arrange the classrooms to be fun, stimulating and challenging. Children follow a daily schedule to provide structure and are given big helper jobs to teach leadership and responsibility. Children are encouraged to reach their maximum potential in these classrooms and as result, they become lifelong learners..

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